Top 12 Presets for Real Estate Photography

I made a set of real estate highlight cover icons for Instagram, so I thought I would also put together a list of the top 12 presets for real estate photography also!

Real estate photography can make or break your listing. With these presets you will be able to create game-changing property photos.

We can’t all be professional photographers but this shouldn’t stop us from creating professional-looking images!

You can grab the real estate icon sets here:

Real Estate Instagram Highlight Covers – Red and Grey

Real Estate Instagram Highlight Covers – 3 Color Schemes 

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Are you interested in learning more about real estate photography?

Skillshare classes can help you explore the topic further:

Real Estate Photography: How To Get Started

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1. Bright Interiors

These presets will add a sense of warmth, cleanness, and brightness to duller images, giving the illusion of heightened natural light. Choose from a range of subtle hues (warm, cool, rose tint) that will tease out the natural color scheme of your interior.

2. Bright + Light

These Lightroom Mobile Presets will brighten your images and increase the luminance of individual colors. They focus on clean white tones and soft, bright backgrounds.

3. Clean Spaces

These presets are designed for a minimalist clean and bright edit for house interiors.

4. Luxury Interior

This is a high contrast preset that will change the look of your real estate photos with one click directly from your Mobile.

5. Grey Glow

These mobile and desktop presets will really enhance your listing, blog and Instagram photos!

Top 12 Presets for Real Estate Photography


Top 12 Presets for Real Estate Photography

6. Real Estate Interiors

Great for Airbnb photos, this Real Estate Interiors Mobile & Desktop Lightroom Preset Pack includes 5 Mobile DNG & 5 Desktop XMP Photo Presets by Cultive Creative.

7. High-End Presets

Developed by a professional photographer, this set of 30 high-end Lightroom Presets was created to achieve professional results and speed up your workflow.

8. Cozy Interior

This collection includes 40 presets, 10 brushes and a bonus black and white preset.

9. Color Correct

These presets will make walls white, help reduce blowout highlights, brighten up shadows, add a pop of a color, and sharpen your overall image!

10. Architecture

This collection contains 10 Modern Lightroom presets for exterior and interior architecture photography and real estate photography inspired by VSCO cam presets.

11. Entire Premium Collection

This set includes 120 Lightroom presets and bundles together 3 premium interior and exterior collections!

12. Exterior Design

This set of 40 presets was designed to brighten up your exterior property photos.

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