Support Small Business – 7 Free Instagram Stickers And Etsy Picks

Free Instagram Stickers and Etsy Picks

It certainly seems that now, more than ever, small businesses need our support.

Etsy is standing behind small business owners by promoting their inspirational stories and creative, one-of-a-kind products.

I have put together a list of Etsy sellers that I think you will love in order to help spread the word and show my support for small business.

You can also check out Etsy’s editors’ picks here for even more quality products.

In addition, I have designed 7 free Instagram stickers that you can use on your Instagram posts and stories to show your support and I am giving them away for free!

All you need to do is fill in the form below and download your stickers and don’t forget to use #StandWithSmall.

Together, let’s stand with small.

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1. Hella Cool Dog Co

Lisa at Hella Cool Dog Co has some adorable pet bandanas and bow ties available on her shop.

I admit I am a little biased as she uses some of my fabric designs including the cute dog faces shown in the photo!

2. Calhoun & Co

Those of you familiar with my art know that I love bright colors and I’m absolutely IN LOVE with these bright blankets from Calhoun & Co.

They also have really cute tea towels and wine tote bags featuring really cool designs!

3. Kit Atlas

If you’re missing your best friend during this quarantine, Kit Atlas makes custom face magnets which would make a pretty impressive gift! Just send in a photo of your BFF to start!

4. Amy Lucy Designs

I love these personalized mesh tote bags by Amy Lucy Designs.

They come in a variety of colors and are sustainable, reusable and eco-friendly! I think this would make an awesome gift!

5. Mimi Green

Check out these adorable velvet dog collars by Mimi Green!

These gorgeous velvet collars are hand embroidered with your dog’s name. There are so many gorgeous colors to choose from!!!

Free Instagram Stickers and Etsy Picks


Support Small Business - Free Instagram Stickers And Etsy Picks

6. The Yarn Kitchen

Look at these adorable animal planters from The Yarn Kitchen!! These would make an awesome gift for both animal and plant lovers and are ready to ship.

7. Simple Stamp

Copper plant stakes stake to show how dramatic your plants can be!

8. Scandinazn

I love these bold and colorful handmade earrings!

They are made from lightweight leather, salvaged from second hand clothing!

Support Small Business - Free Instagram Stickers And Etsy Picks

Now grab your free overlay stickers!

Once downloaded, unzip the file. You will see that each sticker has a transparent background and can be added to your images in your favorite photo editing app, for example, Photoshop, Canva or Over.


Free Instagram Stickers and Etsy Picks

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Free Instagram Stickers and Etsy Picks
Support Small Business - Free Instagram Stickers And Etsy Picks