Our Collaboration With MasterBundles as a CherBear Creative Studio

Hey! I’m Cheryl, the owner of Cherbear Creative Studio, which I started after several years of working as a freelance graphic designer. Now I’m creating a variety of graphics for social media, patterns, fabrics and other kinds of graphic design products.

With deep experience as a design business owner, I know all about the marketing and design industry. I’ve seen many people underestimating the importance of branding, that’s why I offer templates that will help create a polished brand and a stunning, cohesive digital presence. 

MasterBundles allows me to easily share my designs and help digital entrepreneurs with building a strong brand, so let’s get to know a bit more about this marketplace.

(This content may contain affiliate links where I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

What is MasterBundles?

I consider MasterBundles to be one of the best digital marketplaces. It’s a platform where you can buy and sell unique designs, images, and patterns in bundles. The marketplace is a perfect place for self-expression and building up your own design business, which offers many opportunities to grow. Here you can find some of the most unique graphics, fonts, add-ons, illustrations, and graphic elements for affordable prices created by top designers.

Unique Features MasterBundles Has to Offer

Here are some of the unique features of MasterBundles you need to know about:

  1. Promotion. The marketplace takes a part of the responsibility for the product’s “subsequent life” – marketing. It’s a boring process for creatives but very important which gets done by the marketplace. 
  2. Fee structure. Commissions vary from marketplace to marketplace. At MasterBundles, the commission is 50% plus you get a word on setting prices. 

Easy signup. A clear Sell Your Deal form. The form eases the process of uploading products and taking control of vendor pages.

Pros of Using the Marketplace

As a designer looking for ways to sell your work, you need to consider all aspects while choosing the right marketplace for your products. Here are the advantages of using MasterBundles:

  1. Customer focus. A well-established convenient flow of working with vendors. MasterBundles is interested in promoting your products since it gets a commission from every sale. 
  2. 24/7 support. Ultimate support from moderators. The support is available 24/7 and can solve any problem. 
  3. Moderation. Liberal moderation – designer friendly. Get encouragement to create new products and develop new skills. 
  4. Help in creating bundles. Sometimes the MasterBundles team helps create bundles from thematically related products because the marketplace is bundle-oriented. 

Trust. A customer is more likely to buy products from an online marketplace rather than eCommerce sites.

Cons of MasterBundles

There are also several small downsides to the MasterBundles marketplace:

  1. High fees. A big downside to selling products on a marketplace is its fees. It gets sad when you give away a part of your earnings, but on the other hand, those earnings wouldn’t be present if not for the marketplace. 
  2. Inconsistent brand visibility. When the competition rises people rarely search for a specific seller. They tend to search for the lowest price with the highest reviews. It can become hard to stand out, but that is some good motivation to work harder. 

You have to get approved. Unlike some marketplaces, at MasterBundles your product needs to get approved before uploading to the site.

My Experience Working With MasterBundles

As I saw some success in creating different templates for myself and clients, I decided to find an established platform to share my work. This is when I came across MasterBundles and got interested in using their platform for my services.


I checked all the requirements and policies and decided to upload a few of my templates to MasterBundles using the Sell Your Deal form. I enjoyed the simple, time-efficient process which now allows me to put out my products quickly so that my clients can purchase my templates and use them for their creative projects. 

Here are some of my works listed on my Cherbear Creative Studio page on MasterBundles.

Ombre Color Scheme Instagram Story Highlight Covers

You can make your Instagram bright and original with these gorgeous ombre/solid color covers. This set is perfect for bloggers, eCommerce brands, and freelancers.

Botanical Instagram Highlight Cover Icons

The best choice to make your Instagram highlights look fresh and interesting. Showcase your best stories in a wide variety of categories.

Cat Items Instagram Highlight Icons

The gorgeous Instagram Icons for true cat lovers. Use these Icons to engage with your audience, and do blog announcements, and new product highlights.

Essential Oils Spa Instagram Highlight Icons

These modern and light spa story icons are the ultimate solution for passionate Instagram bloggers who want their page to look great.

Hand Drawn Fitness Instagram Story Highlight Covers

Unique, colorful Instagram icons that don’t take hours to create. These 21 Hand-Drawn Fitness Highlights make your fitness blog really stand out.


Finding additional revenue streams for creatives is essential, as it allows them to focus more on the craft without worrying about receiving a paycheck. MasterBundles has become the trustworthy marketplace we, as a design studio, turn to for additional passive income. We’re choosing MasterBundles marketplace as it’s constantly evolving, and has superb 24/7 support, and ethical policies.