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13 Free Retro Instagram Highlight Covers

Free Retro Instagram Highlight Covers.

*UPDATE: I have updated this post to include a new retro airplane icon!!!

I love Instagram stories right now and I am a little obsessed with all the cute icons people are using to help them connect with their followers.

I just designed this set of Retro Instagram Highlight Covers and I quickly created this website just so I could share them for free!! Some of them are a little quirky but so is my brain.

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Free Retro Instagram Highlight Covers

To download just hover over an image below then click and save the file to your device.

Go to Instagram. Make sure you turn on the Archive feature:

  • Go to your Instagram settings
  • Select “Story Controls”
  • Turn on “Save to Archive”

You can add these cover templates to your current story highlights (or just use them for your story backgrounds).

  • Click on a story highlight 
  • Select the “More” icon
  • Click “Edit Highlight”
  • Select “Edit Cover”
  • Resize if you like by zooming in with your fingers 
  • Upload your story template and you’re done!
(Obligatory Disclaimer: Images are just for your personal use. Please don’t redistribute or claim as your own)
If you’re looking to complete the look and get a gorgeous vintage aesthetic for your Instagram grid, check out my article on the best presets here:

Free Retro Instagram Highlight Covers


And here’s the new bonus retro airplane icon!!!


Free Retro Instagram Story Highlight Icons
Free Retro Instagram Story Highlight Icons
Free Retro Instagram Story Highlight Cover Icons