Free Letter Board Instagram Highlight Covers

Instagram Highlight Covers – Letter Board Set

These Free Letter Board Instagram Story Highlight Covers might be perfect for you if you’re looking for something unique for your Instagram.

Letter boards are pretty trendy on Instagram right now. You can post your favorite quote, song lyric or sarcastic comment and make it look super cute. You can add them to your flat lays or to an interior shot. Here are some examples:

Instagram Letter Board Example

If you want some actual letter boards in addition to these digital ones, here are a few that look pretty nifty:

Rustic Letter Board

Hexagon Letter Board

Pink Letter Board

Back to the Graphics…

Instagram Highlights allow you to easily access and categorize your favorite stories.

These highlights will remain visible at the top of your Instagram page. Having a cohesive and consistent look by using icons, really helps your page to stand out.

You can add these cover templates to your current story highlights (or just use them for your story backgrounds).

You can grab the entire set of these highlight icons here:


I also have a matching Letter Board Quote Bundle available here:

If you would like a custom order, you can contact me here.

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To download your free covers, just hover over an image below then click and save the file to your device.

Go to Instagram. Make sure you turn on the Archive feature:

  • Go to your Instagram settings
  • Select “Story Controls”
  • Turn on “Save to Archive”

To add these covers to your story highlights:

  • Click on a story highlight 
  • Select the “More” icon
  • Click “Edit Highlight”
  • Select “Edit Cover”
  • Select your chosen image
  • Resize if you like by zooming in with your fingers 
  • Click Next to upload your story template and you’re done!
(Obligatory Disclaimer: Images are just for your personal use. Please don’t redistribute or claim as your own)

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Grab the full set of Letter Board Instagram Highlight Covers and start using them on your Instagram today!


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Free Letter Board Instagram Highlight Covers
Free Letter Board Instagram Highlight Covers