20 Free Color Palette Instagram Story Covers

I’ve put together some Free Color Palette Instagram Story Covers that you can use if you’re thinking about revamping your Instagram account.

Having a consistent color palette can really transform your feed and increase engagement and followers. You don’t have to stick to one palette forever. Arranging your posts into color themes over time can be a lot of fun. You can match them to the season, for example, or transition into another color palette after every 9 posts.

Having a consistent theme really helps to build a loyal following who enjoy the style of your account and look forward to your posts.

Check out my new post on how to get the colorful look (including 30 color related hashtags) here:

Colorful Instagram Inspiration & Hashtags

Here are a few examples of Instagram feeds for some inspiration:


Neutral colors can include white, cream, ivory, beige, brown, grey and black. They are colors with very low saturation. They can produce a calming effect for the viewer and serve as a background for a pop of color or an interesting pattern.

Whites can convey purity, freshness and simplicity. Black can convey elegance, mystery and authority.


The first example uses highly saturated colors to grab attention. (I love it!)

Pastels can convey softness, optimism and tranquility. They can also be seen as romantic colors. They do well as backgrounds as they are easy on the eyes.


Shades of brown and green like umber, rust, sienna and olive come from the natural world around us and can be seen as warm, friendly and inviting.

Color Palette Tips: When choosing a color theme for your Instagram account, Adobe Color is a great place to start.

You can type in the hex code of your favorite color or import an image and it will generate color schemes for you.

Another great tool for generating color schemes is Coolors. Here you can create the perfect palette or get inspired by thousands of beautiful color schemes.

Google Chrome has some extensions you can use that allow you to select color values from web pages, images and more. For example, the Color Picker Eyedropper extension.

Instagram Highlights allow you to easily access and categorize your favorite stories. These highlights will remain visible at the top of your Instagram page and can match your color palette.

You can add these free cover templates to your current story highlights (or just use them for your story backgrounds).

If you would like more color options, you can grab my entire set that includes 200 solid color covers and 40 different color schemes. You can use your favorite color scheme or mix and match!

If you would like a custom order, you can contact me here.

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To download, just hover over the colored images below then click and save the file to your device.

Go to Instagram. Make sure you turn on the Archive feature:

  • Go to your Instagram settings
  • Select “Story Controls”
  • Turn on “Save to Archive”

To add these covers to your story highlights:

  • Click on a story highlight 
  • Select the “More” icon
  • Click “Edit Highlight”
  • Select “Edit Cover”
  • Select your chosen image
  • Resize if you like by zooming in with your fingers 
  • Click Next to upload your story template and you’re done!

Free Color Palette Instagram Story Covers

Coffee Ombre Color Scheme Image
Shabby Chic Color Scheme Image
Earthy Tones Color Scheme Image
Just Pink Color Scheme Image

Grab the full set of 40 different color schemes and start using them on your Instagram today!

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Free Color Palette Instagram Story Covers
Free Color Palette Instagram Story Covers
Free Color Palette Instagram Story Covers