12 Cute DIY Dog Clothes

12 Cute DIY Dog Clothes

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite dog clothes tutorials that are both easy to make and adorable!

There’s a great variety here. I’ve tried to find a mix of both sew and no-sew projects.

Have fun creating and if you post a picture on Instagram please tag me @cherbear.creative. I really would love to see what you make!

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1. DIY T-Shirt Bandana

DIY T-shirt bandana
Photo + Tutorial from Swoodson Says

Here’s a great way to upcycle a T-shirt.

The tutorial has some easy to follow instructions. A little bit of sewing is involved.

2. No-Sew Dog Shirt

Photo + Tutorial from Hayatarou - Mountain

There’s no sewing involved in this one. Great if you have some old leggings!!

3. No-Sew Dog Sweater

No Sew DIY Dog Sweater
Photo + Tutorial from Must Have Mom

Here’s a very quick and simple way to keep your furry friend warm and reuse an old sweater!

4. Stylish Puppy Collar

Stylish Puppy Collar
Photo + Tutorial from Kollabora

Your pup will look super smart in this collar! It’s a great way to upcycle an old shirt too.

5. DIY Dog Raincoat

DIY Dog Raincoat
Photo + Tutorial from Jenny Lee's Jottings

This gorgeous DIY raincoat is made from an old shopping bag!

There is some sewing involved but the result is adorable!

12 Cute DIY Dog Clothes


12 Cute DIY Dog Clothes

6. Dog Bow Tie

DIY Dog Bow Tie
Photo + Tutorial from Spoonflower

Here’s a great easy to follow tutorial from Spoonflower for a bow tie made from a fat quarter of organic cotton sateen. 

You can find all kinds of gorgeous fabric patterns at Spoonflower. I have a little shop selling my designs too! I can scale any design on here to fit your project so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Cherbear Creative Fabric Designs

7. DIY Dog Tutu

DIY Dog Tutu
Photo + Tutorial from This Ole Mom

Tutus are quite fun and simple to make and this is a great tutorial with very clear instructions. 

You can use the leftover tulle to make a matching bow and decorate the tutu to make it unique.

8. DIY Denim Jacket

DIY Dog Denim Jacket
Photo + Tutorial from Sew Doggy Workshop

Recycle an old pair of jeans for this cool denim jacket. There is some sewing involved in this project.

9. DIY Dog Pajamas

DIY Dog Pajamas
Photo + Tutorial from Mimi and Tara

You can use recycled clothes to make these cute pajamas. 

This tutorial includes a free sewing pattern and sizing chart.

10. DIY Dog Bandana

DIY Dog Bandana
Photo + Tutorial from Lia Griffith

Here’s another cute dog bandana tutorial.

This project is really quick, and you have the opportunity to customize it with different fabrics to match your dog’s personality.

11. Harness Upgrade

DIY Dog Harness Upgrade
Photo + Tutorial from The Broke Dog

I love the idea of brightening up your existing harness with some fabric. 

A very inexpensive, quick project with no sewing involved!

12. DIY Dog Sweater from Socks

DIY Dog Sweater from Socks
Photo + Tutorial from My Crafty Life

Make this cute dog sweater from an old pair of socks!

This is an easy to follow tutorial and a little bit of sewing is involved.

12 Cute DIY Dog Clothes

12 Cute DIY Dog Clothes

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12 Cute DIY Dog Clothes
12 Cute DIY Dog Clothes