Colorful Instagram Inspiration & Hashtags

Colorful Instagram Inspiration and Hashtags

Colorful Instagram Inspiration & Hashtags.

Do you love colorful Instagram posts?

I do! I find them cheerful and fun, so I thought I would share some of the best Instagram accounts out there when it comes to creative and colorful feeds.

I have also found some great props to help you get a similar colorful look for your Instagram and included a list of 30 color related hashtags that you can use when sharing your colorful posts!

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Colorful Feeds for Inspiration

Pink door with giant googly eyes

Sophie loves color and finds the most gorgeous colorful houses to showcase on her feed!

Colorful Planters

Elsie and Emma have a great colorful feed featuring interiors, recipes and DIY projects.

Lady holding a colorful umbrella

A cheerful and colorful account featuring some great videos!

Lady decorating with hearts

Cyn has a bright and uplifting feed which features Disney and her lovely dog, Dolly!

Colorful Bedroom with rainbow on the wall

A gorgeous feed featuring cats, interiors, patterns, word art, confetti and rainbows!


Shauna features gorgeous, colorful interiors and DIY art projects. A great feed for color inspiration!


I love how Rosie color coordinates her outfits with the backgrounds in all her photos!


A beautifully curated rainbow feed!


I love Louise’s Instagram account. She shares colorful mood boards, fabric, quotes and other inspirational posts.

Cherbear Creative Instagram Feed

My feed is also full of happy colors if you want to check it out!

Get the Look With These Colorful Props!

Giant Googly Eyes on Christmas Tree
Giant Googly Eyes

Your life can’t be complete without a giant pair of googly eyes!!!! 🙂 Stick them on anything colorful for instant cuteness!

Girl on Inflatable Flamingo

Even if you don’t have a pool, this would make an awesome prop!

Bright Pink Flamingo
More Flamingos!

You could also go for these bright flamingo yard ornaments to add a splash of color to your photos.

Colorful Cactus Plush Pillows

I love these cactus plush pillows that I found on Etsy. They come in shades of green as well as these gorgeous sunset colors!

Cactus Basket

A bright cactus storage basket that would be a great prop for interior photography.

Colorful Flower Pots

These planters would add some bright colors to a balcony or fence. Fill them with dried flowers, silk flowers or small potted plants and herbs to complete the look.

Colorful Umbrella
Colorful Umbrella

If you want instant color, this umbrella will definitely do the trick!

Inflatable Heart

If you didn’t go for the flamingo inflatable, this heart is more subtle and would look great in a colorful summer photo!

Tassel Garlands!

This garland would make a gorgeous colorful prop for your photos.

Yarn Garland in front of birthday cake
Yarn Garland

A gorgeous yarn tassel garland that will give your photos a colorful boho vibe!

Abstract Shape Art

Abstract shape art is one of the hottest trends on Instagram right now and will bring a bright pop of color to your photos.

Pom Pillows

Pom pillows are really popular on Instagram and would make a great colorful accent piece.

Rainbow Pom Pillow
Rainbow Pom Pillow!

Pom poms on a rainbow pillow!

Ceramic Rainbows

Rainbows are popular on Instagram right now and these ceramic necklaces are just adorable! Hang them on a wall or wear them in your IG photos!

Colorful Instagram Inspiration & Hashtags


Colorful Instagram Inspiration and Hashtags

Colorful Hashtags

Add these hashtags to your colorful Instagram posts!































Colorful Instagram Inspiration and Hashtags