50 Dog Hashtags For Instagram Success

50 Dog Hashtags for Instagram Success

Your pup deserves the most likes on Instagram so I have curated a list of 50 of the top hashtags that will help increase your reach and improve engagement.

I have sorted the hashtags into two categories: High Density (over 1 million posts linked to that hashtag) and Low Density (less than 1 million posts linked to that hashtag).

It is a good idea to include a mix of high and low density hashtags with your post. You can use high density hashtags to reach a larger number of people and low density, where there is less competition for the top posts, to target a more specific group of people.

I also recommend that you add a few other types of hashtags.

  1. Location hashtags if this is appropriate to your brand.
  2. Hashtags that are relevant to your pup, for example, #beaglesofinstagram, #puglife, #chihuahuafanatics.
  3. Daily hashtags, for example, #selfiesunday, #tongueouttuesday.
  4. Community Hashtags. These will help you to engage with specific, like-minded users that are a great fit for your business. (It may take a little bit of time and research to find your tribe!)

Remember, you can use up to 30 hashtags with each post and I’m a fan of using all 30! You can also use your geolocation and tag 20 accounts. 

Some other tips…

Keep up-to-date with Instagram’s blog for inspiration, announcements and tips.

Write engaging captions (ask questions) and take professional photos. I have a list of the Top 12 Popular Presets for Pet Photography to help speed up your editing process.

Comment, like and follow others. Spend some time making meaningful connections in addition to posting.

Don’t use bots. I firmly believe that if you put in some time and effort you really don’t need them.

Geotag and make use of the image alt text! The alt text describes your photos for people with visual impairments. You can add this text when you are posting by going to Advanced Settings located at the bottom of the page where you enter your caption.

In addition to using your dog hashtags, tag feature accounts if you want more exposure for your photos.

Keep a list of your favorite feature accounts that you can refer to when you are tagging your photos. The option to tag will appear on the page where you write your caption.

Keep track of your stats so you can see what is working. If you have a business account you can see your stats by clicking on the hamburger icon and navigating to Insights. To calculate engagement you can divide your total number of likes and comments by your total number of followers and multiply by 100. 

I’ve also found a handy tool to calculate this:

Instagram Influencer Earnings Calculator

Try not to compare! Lots of pups have huge followings on Instagram but it’s not just about followers. It’s about engagement! Looking at other accounts for inspiration and ideas is a good idea though and will help you to grow your account.

If you would like even more help, I have designed a digital planner just for Dog Accounts which includes:

  • Daily, Weekly + Monthly Planning Pages
  • 100+ Hashtags
  • Comprehensive list of Doggy Holidays
  • 30 Feature Accounts
  • Branding Template
  • Contest Planner
  • Stats Tracker and SMART Goal Planner
  • Hyperlinked Tabs + Index Page
  • Post Planner
  • 50 Doggy-Themed Stickers
  • + More!

You can also get a smart bio for free with Tailwind. Create a branded landing page that sends a never-ending stream of traffic from your Instagram bio to your most important content.

Experiment with video and stories. Utilize your highlights. I have a huge collection of Instagram Story Highlight Icons that can give your account a professional and cohesive look:

50 Dog Hashtags for Instagram Success

High Density (more than 1 million posts)

#furbaby #aplacetolovedogs #bestwoof #pawsome #topdogphoto #weeklyfluff #bestdogever #dogsrule #boopmynose #dailybarker #dogsarefamily #mustlovedogs #cutedogs #dogsdaily #doglover #mydogiscutest #dogmom #dogsandpals #dogoftheday #instagramdogs #dogloversofinstagram #ruffpost #pooch #dogsofinstagram #spoileddog

Low Density (less than 1 million posts)

#barkhappy #buzzfeeddogs #dogsarethebest #mypooch #pawstruck #dogparents #furfriends #dogmomlife #pawfect #cutestdogever #dogsareawesome #dogsbeingbasic #lifeisbetterwithadog #instadogfeature #whosagoodboy #gooddoggo #dogcorner #dailydogfeatures #itsadogsworld #dogsdoingthings #bestdogs #whatthefluff #dogsforlife #thewoofdaily #pawfriends

50 Dog Hashtags for Instgaram Success

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50 Dog Hashtags for Instagram Success
50 Dog Hashtags for Instagram Success