3 Simple Ways to Hide Pinterest Images on Your Blog

3 Simple Ways to Hide Pinterest Images on Your Blog.

UPDATE Oct 2020: I’ve recently run into issues with WordPress 5.5 and lazy-loading (meaning images wait to load until right before they are scrolled into view). My hidden images were not showing up when I used the Pinterest and Tailwind Publishers. I installed a plugin called “Disable Lazy Loading” by Jeff Starr and the issue is resolved.

Pinterest is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog. This powerful visual search engine dominates referral traffic on the web.

More and more people are using Pinterest as a search engine and it now has 335 million active users worldwide and is now the third largest social media network in the U.S.

It delivers fresher results than Google and inspires action; which reminds me, I need to get to work on that no sew, doggy bow tie pin I just saved.

In order to drive traffic to your WordPress blog from Pinterest, it’s a good idea to create 3 to 5 vertical pins for each blog post with great visuals and clear calls to action.

Trying out different descriptions and hashtags for your pins is also recommended.

Pinterest loves fresh content so I would recommend that you add fresh new pins to your blog posts regularly!

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Why do you need to hide pin images?

Creating gorgeous graphics for your blog post is essential, but you probably won’t want all those large vertical pins cluttering up your post.

There are a number of ways to go about hiding your images. Here are 3 of the simplest ways I have found:

1. A Tiny Bit of Code

Upload your image to your media library in WordPress. Add your Alt Text. Be careful of typos as this is what will populate into the description when someone pins your image.

3 Simple Ways to Hide Pinterest Images on your Blog

Insert this image into your post and click on the text tab. Here you will see the image code which should look like this:

image code image

Add some simple html to hide this image in your post:

<div style=”display: none;”>THE IMAGE CODE GOES HERE</div>

It should look like this:

Hidden image code image

2. Hide images with Elementor Page Builder


I highly recommend Elementor. It is the Number 1 WordPress Page Builder.

Elementor is a fantastic drag-n-drop page builder tool. It’s so simple to use and highly intuitive. You can customize every aspect of your website. No coding skills needed!

I started with the free version. It is packed with so many features. I have recently switched to the Pro version because I love it so much!

There is no better Page Builder for WordPress.


Elementor works well with any WordPress theme but I love how it works with GeneratePress.

GeneratePress is the perfect framework for custom web design. It’s super fast, very easy to use, but also extremely powerful.

Insert your vertical pin image into your post using Elementor.

3 Simple Ways to Hide Pinterest Images on your Blog

Go to the Advanced tab in the Image Editor and use Elementor specific CSS to hide your image by device type.

Add the following to the box titled CSS Classes:

elementor-hidden-desktop elementor-hidden-tablet elementor-hidden-phone

3 Simple Ways to Hide Pinterest Images on your Blog

3. A Simpler Way with Elementor​

A very simple way to do this with Elementor is to hide the section that contains the image. Click on the center blue button with the dots to edit the section:

3 Simple Ways to Hide Pinterest Images on your Blog

Click on the Advanced tab and the Responsive section and toggle the sliders to hide the images on all devices, as shown below.

Hide sections image

There you have it. 

3 simple ways to hide your Pinterest images on your blog!

Now when you go to share your images using the Pinterest Save button or the Tailwind Publisher – which is another tool I highly recommend as it will make your life so much easier and really help you to grow your Pinterest account – your hidden vertical pins will appear and you will be able to pin and schedule them!

Don’t forget to add a great description with a call to action. Utilize hashtags and even emojis and keep adding fresh images!!!

(HINT: To add an emoji to your description, press the Windows logo key  + period (.) to open the emoji panel.

Press Command + Control + Spacebar concurrently if you are on a Mac.)

3 Simple Ways to Hide Pinterest Images on your Blog

You can give Tailwind a spin for FREE.

It’s a fantastic tool for massive Pinterest growth which is great news for your blog traffic!

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3 Simple Ways to Hide Pinterest Images on Your Blog


3 Simple Ways To Hide Pinterest Images on Your Blog
3 Simple Ways to Hide Pinterest Images on Your Blog
3 simple ways to hide Pinterest images on your blog