27 Art Licensing Agencies For Passive Income

27 Art Licensing Agencies For Passive Income

If you love creating artwork and sharing your art, you may have started to look for ways to monetize your work.

In addition to selling your own products and commission work, you may want to consider licensing your art in order to expand your opportunities to earn money.

What is Art Licensing?

Art licensing is when manufacturers and other companies lease the right to use your artwork on their products. Art is on products everywhere you look, from adorable notebooks to patterned tea towels and tote bags. 

Working Directly with a Company

You can choose to work directly with a company to license your artwork.

Sharing your art on social networks like Pinterest and Instagram can help you get noticed. (TIP: Think about hashtags from an art director’s perspective!) 


Having a website which includes a portfolio will make you look professional in addition to helping with your visibility.

If you are looking for an easy to use page builder to create an awesome portfolio, I recommend Elementor.

They have just introduced the Pro Gallery widget. Pro Gallery lets you enjoy full control over your gallery design, and is packed with many unique design features.

You can read more about it here:

Elementor Pro Gallery
Elementor Pro Gallery

If you’re looking for a little more help, I’ve written a post on how to build your website in 8 easy steps here.

Be Proactive

Try to network as much as possible and don’t just wait for a company to contact you.

You may consider submitting your work to online publications, joining art directories and participating in art challenges.


Make a list of companies that you feel would be a good fit for your art. (TIP: Don’t forget to include companies in other countries AND don’t forget about small businesses!)

You may wish to join online forums or attend trade shows to help with your research. Forums include:

A group for networking about marketing and art licensing. You will need to have a LinkedIn account to join. (TIP: LinkedIn is a great place to find art directors!)

The Facebook version of the above group.

A quick search on Facebook should produce other networking groups that may be more specific to your geographical area and art style!  

Joan Beiriger has a great post on finding manufacturers that license art here.


It’s worth noting here that rejection is normal. I’ve been rejected by all the companies on this list! Art is subjective and doesn’t exist just to create revenue! 

Don’t give up making art! 


When contacting companies, make sure you follow their individual submission guidelines carefully. (TIP: Don’t forget to follow up with your submission if you don’t hear back!)

I recommend obtaining a copy of the Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines, 15th Edition

It provides all the professional and legal guidance every graphic designer needs to build their business and enhance their careers.

It includes:

  • Copyright registration information
  • Model contracts and forms that can be adapted for specific needs
  • The latest pricing guidelines for buyers and sellers
  • Current salary information with job descriptions
  • Formulas for determining hourly and per diem freelance rates

Getting Paid

There are some great classes on SKILLSHARE about licensing and pricing your artwork. I highly recommend that you sign up and delve a little bit deeper into this subject. (TIP: You can start with their free trial!)


This course about pricing your art includes an art licensing agreement template that you can edit for your own needs.

Working with an Agency

You can also work with an agency to represent you and your art. They can open your work up to a wider audience, find the best fit for your aesthetic, feature your work in media and help you to negotiate contracts and licenses.

I have put together a list of 27 of these agencies to give you a head start when finding one that will be a good fit for you and your art style.

Before approaching agencies, make sure your portfolio is updated and looking great with all of your best work.

Check out this post for some great design ideas!


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22 Art Licensing Agencies For Passive Income

TIPHAINE is a Paris-based illustration agency. It represents some of the finest contemporary illustrators and graphic designers from all over the world.
They also have a smaller sister agency called La Suite that represents French and international Artists.

Wild Apple works with manufacturers, retailers and designers of decorative home products and wall decor.

Lilla Rogers studio represents some of the very best artists internationally. They have a strong client base and receive hundreds of jobs per year in all areas: magazines, books, advertising, corporate, graphic design, the music industry, surface design and licensing.

A U.K. based agency representing 36 international illustrators. They pride themselves on creating close relationships with their artists and work with some of the biggest brands in the U.K.

Creative Connection, Inc. is an Artist Representative who licenses artwork to manufacturers for their products.

27 Art Licensing Agencies For Passive Income


27 Art Licensing Agencies For Passive Income

Although they maintain a small base of artists, there may be room for you! Areas range from furniture and various home furnishings to gift, fabric and paper products. 

Porterfield’s is one of America’s top commercial international art licensing agencies. Established in 1995, their focus has ranged from home decor and accessories, kitchen and tabletop products, dining room decor products, fabric and apparel to cards, stationery, all types of paper products, quilting and bolt fabrics, puzzles and toys, etc.

Magnet Reps website says that it takes submissions from artists with a well developed, unique style, a passion for their craft, a desire to work hard and experience doing illustration on their own. Their client list is available to view on their website.

Ansada have been working with fine artists and licensees for 22 years. They specialize in fine art, such as wildlife art, nostalgic art and figurative art licensing.

Folio is an illustration agency based in central London. They pride themselves on representing a diverse group of contemporary international illustrators.

Jennifer Nelson Artists represents talented artists and serves the surface design, publishing and home decor industries.

The Bright Agency represents international artists in a variety of art styles, traditional to whimsical, stylized and graphic to abstract and painterly. They cater to the greetings, stationery, home & gift and wall art sectors. 

Meiklejohn have been representing illustrators for over 45 years and they work across the whole creative spectrum with clients in a variety of industries. 

Jehane Ltd are based in Brighton, U.K. and represent illustrators & artists worldwide. Areas include children’s books, surface pattern,  greeting cards, stationery, wall-art, paper products, homewares, magazines, and packaging design.

SCCS have been representing artists for over 20 years. They work with over 300 clients worldwide that manufacture a wide range of product categories.

Based in New Jersey, London Portfoilio is a design studio specializing in creating artwork (patterns and illustrations) for the paper products and textile industry. They state on their website that they are always looking for experienced designers to join their artist collective.

Penny Lane Fine Art and Licensing work with over 70 artists and are always on the lookout for new talent. You may be a good fit if you an artist creating fresh artwork with a decorative appeal, focusing on current design and home decor trends.

A Fresh Bunch works with artists from around the world and caters to clients in the apparel, textiles, home, stationery, office, gift and tableware sectors.

Representing surface pattern designers and illustrators.

Plum Licensing represents artists from around the globe and focuses exclusively on work that is tailored towards the greetings cards, stationery, apparel and interiors markets.

Anna Goodson Illustration represents exceptionally diverse, conceptual, and avant-garde artists from around the world.

ADG represent a group of talented artists and designers and focus on gift, stationery, fabric, pillows, bedding and any number of other product types.

Advocate Art is an Illustration Agency based in London, Marbella & New York. They represent children’s book and decorative illustrators.

Oskar Illustration is a U.K. based agency working with artists from around the world.

Yellowhouse works with artists and illustrators whose work is suitable for the greeting card, stationery, gifts, home-wares, and wall art markets.

A women-owned agency representing a dynamic group of artists, designers and animators. They have clients in the advertising, editorial, publishing, educational, medical/pharma, corporate, and design industries.

Pink Light Studio represents artists from around the world and specializes in creating artwork for everyday and seasonal products such as stationery, home decor, food packaging, textiles, gift packaging, accessories, and ceramics.

27 Art Licensing Agencies For Passive Income

I will be adding more agencies to the list here. Please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions.

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Represents a diverse group of artists who develop art for products, such as tabletop, textiles, ornaments, wall decor, floor coverings, accessories, paper products, party goods and more.

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27 Art Licensing Agencies For Passive Income

27 Art Licensing Agencies For Passive Income
27 Art Licensing Agencies For Passive Income
27 Art Licensing Agencies for Passive Income